Women Around The World Be Bold
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Thursday, June 08, 2017
By Taylor Boone Photography
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Women Around The World Be Bold


To be bold in your own skin. Over a thousand photo shoots with women all over the world, I have seen a common thread among us. We all can be bold in, the boardroom, in traffic, and a few other places when needed, but... Can we be bold in front of the mirror? 


What words to use when talking to yourself? As I am preparing to speak later this month it has me reflecting on many chapters in my life. This new chapter is me being incredibly bold. It's made me think of the 'F' word several times over and over. I've said it out loud a dozen times just this morning... FRAUD! 


What if I am successful in this, and I have to show up! I have to deliver! I have to deliver my heart, my dream?! Yes, what if.  As I write this, I am thinking about Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Oprah, Ellen. When I think of the greatness these brilliant souls have done I see one SINGULAR thing in common in them all... LOVE. But did you know they all at some time in their life used the word 'fraud' when thinking about themselves? They thought 'WHO AM I' to do such big and bold things. I'm a fraud to even think I could do this.


I have had a dream since the age of 13 to be a photographer. Who am I to do such a thing.


I have had a dream about celebrating women and their story... who am I to do such a thing?


I am a woman that no longer stands in the shadows of her own fears. I transform my doubt, fear into the charisma to carry on such a fraudulent transaction.



I take action and can sense the invisible force gathering around me, pulling in opportunities that align with my purpose. This force propelling me with such momentum. I'm not a fraud. There is nothing more beautiful, inspiring, than transfixing that unfiltered, unashamed love. I amplify love for those in my life and those that I can create with. I find inspiration in their stories. To stand emotionally open before the world... you can't be a fraud in doing this. I am no longer saying the word fraud. I can see I have never been one. It's love and joy that I fill my days with. It's the love and joy that my next session will bring into my day. I will leave it all on the table and serve BOLDLY my passion so that she can see, maybe for the first time how much she has to offer the world... and herself!


This is why I love photographing a woman? Anarchy! I have encountered so many talented, brilliant and loving souls. There is also an ANARCHY that goes on when we shift and start talking with loving and kind words to ourselves. Destroying our character comes at a high cost and when we attack our own value and self-worth with negative words. This accepted understanding of love can be unbound. When we tear down the walls of worry, hurt, self-doubt the light within us can beam. Join me rising to a higher plane and give yourself permission to fully love others and ourselves. I dare you to live BOLDLY!








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