We believed. We believed. We believed.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2017
By Taylor Boone
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We believed. We believed. We believed.

This blog today is about two women that have inspired me. The inspiration came when my cup was running low and I had lost my spark for my own dream... I am human!


Jude Mallory Marsh has a vibrant beauty ripped out of the cover of a French Vogue magazine. By this time she is blushing and yelling BOONE STOP! It's true, Jude so own it! She lights up a room with her smile, and has a way of making you feel like you are the only one in the room. This lady has CHARISMA!


We have kept in touch over the last twenty years and thanks to Instagram I discovered she was making these cute one of a kind bags. These bags have the same delicate charm the creator has an inside each bag you discover the personality and message. Blink Blink Bag was created by a happy accident when her sewing machine broke. With lots of support and love all around her, Jude gave light to her bliss. Blink Blink bags have heart and soul!!! 


The second brilliant soul is Debbie Graves that owns Bee Happy Santa Cruz. My girlfriend was wearing this Bee Happy hat one day and every time I looked at her I couldn't help be hear the message. I found myself being happier and I also noticed the hat was impacting everyone that looked at her. It was a smile maker! So I reached out to Debbie as I was trying to find a Bee Love hat for my GF for her birthday. Well, to my surprise again thanks to Instagram I was hooked on Bee Happy! I reached out to Debbie, we set up a coffee date as I had some ideas for her and wanted to meet the woman behind this inspiring line.


Well, that coffee date was something of a surprise. As she was approaching my table I had just read something I wrote down that I wanted to do in my life and as I was reading, I felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around me and tears were just rolling down my face. Debbie sat down and I shared with a stranger at the time what had happened. She was moved and the bond had blossomed! Learning about her passion for creating a line that made people happy was her fuel to make this place better than she found it... she has!!! Debbie was the heart and the courage of a warrior and smile that embraces your soul.


They showed up for their dreams with charm and charisma and they make products that inspire the soul! The purpose, the belief, the meaning, the courage. Both of these brilliant ladies realized deep within what they were doing and why.


"If you think you can or you think you can't you're right." Henry Ford


They both speak for us to embody our dreams and believe. To show the world heart, passion and spirit of their bliss as they create a movement of happiness with every little blink! 


What can you do today to live your bliss? Who can fill your cup? When will you fly?

I think NOW is a great day to start!

So I leave you with two words to say out loud, rinse, repeat, rinse and repeat!

I believe. I believe. I believe.

I live a life to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

Much love and light,


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