The Sensual Photographer Of Today (vs Yesterday)
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Tuesday, July 03, 2018
By Taylor Boone Photography
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The master of cinema like Hitchcock, Cameron, Scorsese just to name a few had away to take suspense, love, sex and bring this audience to an extraordinary story. The unforgettable scene that is burned into our memories. When we hear the song we are immediately taken in a flash to that fantastic scene. These directors created timeless work and their work continues to inspire us. This to me is what a sensual photographer does.


Back in 2010, there was a burst of women seeking boudoir photographers. In 2011 I did over 350 boudoir sessions and at the end of that year, I took a break to reflect on what was being created. Looking over 10,000 images I had created only a few that held my attention... The sensual parts of being a woman had been removed to creating poses that did not fit the subject.


Tushy shots and Victory Secret.. that sums up the work.


I absolutely believe that as women no matter what we are wearing can be sensual and powerful. Wearing something with VS does not define that nor does a Tushy shot!


Tushy Tuesday was yesterday. Short-lived and not a contributor to women being sensual.


Royal rewind. Legendary photographer Ruth Bernard and Lillian Baseman in their time were seen as rebels! In the 50's women, these two were 1% of the photographers. They won my heart and fueled my creative eye.


Both took photos of women in random locations with unconventional lights and a desire to celebrate a woman's body in the way the great painters of our time did. That lite my rebellious heart ablaze!!!!


Visionary. I assembled in my mind as the great directors of our time and create images just for my subject. Their comfort level and story and create a masterpiece. I believe that understand on an intimate level and collectively collaborating with the masters that influenced my art the sensual work being created becomes powerful and timeless.


Marilyn, Sophia, Audrey set the stage on the charisma of being sensual with power. I set out in every session to find the story of each subject and create a sensual masterpiece. My heart soars when she see's her masterpiece! When you redefine an art form you've made history!  


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