The Incomparable Portrait
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Thursday, February 23, 2017
By Taylor Boone Photography
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The incomparable portrait. With a poetic touch that transcends in every portrait created. An in-depth exploration that is conceived with sophisticated charm, an empathic love for every subject I get to create with.

This dance is a collaboration of sorts. Some contemporary, some whimsical, unconventional and always rare. The influence comes from light, shadows, music, textures, beauty. To photograph someone being vulnerable, exposing their beauty is a privilege. My drive to make evoking portraits and works of art come from deep within my heart. I purse each portrait highly disciplined, and systematically ambiguous.

Photography for me has always been a doubled sided mirror. One side reflects my subject while the other side reflects me. I pick up the vibrant energy that I infuse this into my work. I am tenacious, determined to create images that will empower the woman that stands in front of me. A celebration of emotions that live deep within us. To see that spark in the eye when one sees and feels their beauty and strength. It's a dance within my heart celebrating all that you are and it's what makes my heart beat. To persuade the boundaries we have to drop and let our light be seen. This incomparable portrait is far more than a picture. This work of art is personal and I must level the nerves to embrace your true beauty. The nerves are normal and ignite the power within to let our boundaries down. In these portraits, we create become the most powerful art in sharing your story.

We should exist for those that love us and those we love. With the poet within or hearts, the light within our eyes. It's my honour and privilege to create such beauty that is within you. With gratitude, I dig deep within myself to find that hidden treasure I know resides within you.

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