Symbol Of Imperfection
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
By Taylor Boone
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Symbol Of Imperfection


It seems to be everywhere I go... when I say I'm a portrait photographer, I instantly hear "oh when I lose 20 pounds, I wish I had done something before I got all this gray hair... etc. You get my point. We have the symbol of imperfection in our heads, and I know we programmed it! 


It's like we are trying to fix something external by internal owning this. Is it really imperfection? I say not!!!


What is the problem? We see the unrealistic way we should look daily. Magazines, TV shows, movies and I haven't even scratched the surface of commercials. We are comparing who we are to what to a beer commercial says we are. Your identity is not based on what you see on tv, a magazine cover or commercial. 


So many layers are piled on us. You are unique and these layers of imperfection are actually what makes you perfect. The symbol of imperfection is actually your perfection. As women we teach children beauty comes from within... then a shift happens when we don't practice what we preach. We get twisted up in the cover of a photoshopped image saying this is perfection.... it's a lie! 


The reality is this. You are beautiful. The time wasted on the imperfection image placed on the cover of the magazine has come to an end. It's exhausting and frustrating. It's time we shift. It's time to see how perfect you are in every way. The significant shift when we see ourselves in our beauty is unstoppable. This external battle is done. The internal battle has won. You are perfect in every way. Let's join that 5-year-old girl in the mirror on YouTube. Let's start our day seeing the perfect imperfection.



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