Serendipity Reinforces Our Purpose
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Thursday, June 29, 2017
By Taylor Boone
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Serendipity Reinforces Our Purpose


The mystery word purpose. So many of seeking this ever minute of our lives and find ourself asking "what is my purpose"? The compulsion and self-destruction, then we let resistance step in. Unhappiness can spike a low-grade fever of misery. A picture of hell. Bored and restless spike, roll in and submerge us. We climb back under the covers and give up! He won that round and how much more are you willing to go? The punches don't get any softer and your bounce back rate gets slower and slower. 


Are you among the lucky ones that get another day? Do you get another chance for the round? Do you come out swinging because YOU SEE who you are and what you are here to do?!


What if instead of letting fear pull you back into the ring we pull a trick out of the Michael Phelps bag. You know the man that has more gold than any other athlete. At a very young age his coach would tell him to go home and watch the videotape. Watch it before you go to sleep and when you wake up. The video tape wasn't real. It was a mental visualization of the perfect race. Phelps is not the only one that has this video tape on a loop. I can recall hearing Steve Jobs say he would close his eyes and see every home with a computer. What do you want on your video tape? 


Have you ever heard "If You Think It, You Can Be It"


I have had a dream my whole life and I got lost not serving that dream. My life took a turn and I JUMPED. It's my purpose and I am reminded often this is what I am made to do!


I owe it to the women I have not met to stay true to my heart, my passion, my path. When I see the gorgeous creation that God made and I can push the boundaries she thinks, and show her what she really is. It's the magic of what might be... to what is! Who do you owe your dreams too? 




She laughs at fear and is afraid of nothing.

She does not shy away from the sword.

She can not stand still when the trumps sound.


Our actions and thoughts are like ripples in the ocean... when never see how far they go, but they do!


Love and Light,



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