Run Your Life With Intuition And Not Fear
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Tuesday, August 01, 2017
By Taylor Boone
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My entire life people share intimate things with me. In sessions, strangers on planes. Just about the most random places I have had people share secrets with me. I am a secret carrier. Now it’s time for me to share a secret with you... there are days I feel like a FRAUD.


Ever felt like a fraud? When I had that thought a few months back I went and watched the surfers. They ride the waves and when you really look at it.. they ride water! They sit out there looking and waiting. They rely on their intuition on what wave to jump on.


When I think about my job and if I had never picked up the camera when I was 13. My heart sinks...  I think of all the beautiful people I would have never met, photographed and shared their stories. My heart feels like it would break!


We are judged on how successful we are and how successful our business is. I have watched my own business thrive and at times I hear crickets and wonder if it's time for a change. Then just like the perfect wave and new clients come into my life that reminds me what I do is Significant!


I spoke last Saturday in San Francisco on the subject of being a fraud. I watched many heads in the room node as they also have felt like a fraud. But let me ask you this.... who are you to deprive us of the greatness in you?! What if Oprah gave up because she felt like a fraud? Walt Disney felt like a fraud. Steve Jobs. When I think of a world without Super Soul Sunday, my phone and the greatest place on earth, well it just seems WRONG!


What are you holding back on today because of FEAR (false evidence appearing real). Do you want your life to be controlled and run by fear?



We tell our kids to not run from bullies and to stand up for what you believe in. It's TIME you stand up to your own bully! Now is the time you believe in your PURPOSE and YOUR dream!


Your DREAM matters to the world! What you believe you will achieve!!! rinse and repeat, WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL ACHIEVE! 


Please, don't deprive the world of the next greatest thing... YOU! 


Go catch that wave!


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