Motivating An Audience Through Storytelling
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Monday, January 28, 2019
By Taylor Boone Photography
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Motivating An Audience Throughout Storytelling 


Content… It's what your customer is looking for and not many are doing.


Let me ask you just a few questions.

Was your 2018 good? 

Did you check off all your business goals? 

Did you grab every dollar you could in 2018 from leveraging your social media?


Not many businesses can check off all of these boxes. More business than ever is leaving money floating or worse… your competition is grabbing it!


Social media runs on images and video and with a quick 20 minutes, your business for free can have a social media page with links to your website and other social media platforms. Your ideal customer is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. With the right images, copywriter, and video you can take your business to the level you originally planned for!


Keywords and niche #hashtags are very impotent but there is nothing more disappointing than going to a platform with images that don’t tell a story! 

It's like that book with a great cover and empty pages… no one will ever talk about that book! 


Humor me just a minute with this little exercise.. don’t worry I won't make you sweat!


Close your eyes and think about your WHY. 

Why did you start this business? What solutions do you have that your passion runs deep to help others with? What other things are impotent to you. Family? Vacations? Cooking, Yoga? 


I hope you took a minute to write these down… why? That’s your list for social media content. 


Its what makes people look at your business and decided if you have something they want. Your product, service, brand. With the right images attached tells a story and get my attention. When you have my attention you get my money. When you do it right and consent you get me talking about it with others and sharing is CARING! I can’t stand that comment but I said it hoping you see the connection!


NOW… let’s add video to this little recipe and take your storytelling to a whole new level!


Your smartphone has video for a reason and not just to grab the babies first step. Facebook and Instagram have a "share tab for a reason" (Look for more on #shareableasset coming soon).

Facebook live and IGTV is a massive platform to build your brand. It’s like this, imagine CNN or ABC offering you a channel and time slot for free. Would you take it?



Storytelling images

A video with an emotional impact

A live platform to reach your ideal client


There has never been a better time to be a business owner than now! 


But, the truth to many of you have a list going of WHY you can’t do this. I speak from experience and I also have a strong testimonial how images, video, and live videos impacted our growth in 2018. Taking what we learned and applied for that work and sharing this will all our customer in 2018 had a great impact on their growth.



We are very proud to offer storytelling video now to our braiding sessions. This has been awesome to witness clients getting behind this and letting their story impact the growth of their business and client base. You can have a great funnel but without the right images and video, you have a good chance at losing them to the company that is willing to tell their story. 




Just random fact that I love to share. Goldfish have the attention span of 9 seconds We humans have the attention span of 8 seconds... yep, one second less than a goldfish. What are your 8 seconds doing? 


Your customer will listen. Get their attention and keep it! 

We can help.





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