Creating With Heart!
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Thursday, May 11, 2017
By Taylor Boone Photography
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So many things go through my mind as I am creating a session for my client. It's all about the details and unique attributes my client has. And also the fear!  You know, I hear at least 5 times a day... I am not photogenic! My reply is sincere and honest; neither is Drew Barrymore, Diane Keaton, Barbara Streisand... I can keep going. The truth is everyone is photogenic with the correct light, lens, and artist! I have been holding a camera in my hands for 20 years and I have yet to discover someone that is not photogenic!


How is this? The innovative process comes from deep within my heart. This ache to celebrate and really share with them how incredibly beautiful they are is my heart's purpose. It goes without saying that every session something truly magnificent takes shape. There comes this light and movement of air and it seems to come from within my subject being photographed. It's like a shift takes place from doubt to certainty.


In my sessions there is always another perspective to consider. The client, myself, the makeup artist and no doubt something else. I can best describe this as an energy in the room of pure warmth, love, certainty, and joy. This only becomes amplified when my clients come in the viewing room to see what was created for them. The hands touch their chest and a sigh comes forward the tears roll down the cheek and this smile appears. This smile can only be described as self love. A feeling like we belong in this world and that we are seen.


When I received the email below last year it made me realize that my clients feel it too.. that loving energy that wraps its arms around us. 


The experience of Taylor Boone Photography is facilitated through an enormous fine-tuned collaboration between her clients, the creative team of hair, makeup, stylist and her intuition to create something that will outlive her! Mina S.


The why is very present from the moment the sun rises, it has become the ever beat of my heart. To empower a woman that is seeking her path, her purpose and her beauty have become my quest in life. At time I find these sessions to be so much more that a photo session. To be honest, it's why I do them. To see validation, honor, respect and self love has become my heart's purpose. The reward you may ask is the love I see in your eyes. The self love. The kind words you say. The awareness of your own voice, beauty and wisdom. The value in this is the treasure of all treasures. 


Thanks again for checking in.


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